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With over 20 years experience in the construction and landscaping industries in both the Melbourne and Geelong areas, founders Simon and Drew realised that, although there were a lot of landscaping companies building retaining walls, there was a need for a company that specialised in only the construction of steel and timber or concrete sleeper retaining walls; together they created the Retaining Wall Group.

With headquarters in both Melbourne and in Torquay, the Retaining Wall Group deliver exceptional results across the Melbourne and Geelong areas.

At the Retaining Wall Group, we are focused on the highest quality workmanship and reliability. Whether you are a builder or a home owner, together with our great pricing structure and exceptional attention to detail, you will have the most efficient solution to your retaining wall project. We will work with you on site preparation and installation of everything necessary for the project to go smoothly.

Unlike other carpenters and landscapers, we only build retaining walls, all day, every day!

Contact us today to arrange a free quote!

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